VE Day Victory 76 Challenge

VE (Victory in Europe) Day in May 1945 – signified an end to six long years of devastating warfare, which took the lives of millions and injured 75 million people globally. Jubilant masses came together worldwide in celebration on this monumental day with revelries breaking out across the world at the news of Germany’s unconditional surrender of its Armed Forces. In towns and cities across the world, the relief of victory was celebrated with street parties, dancing and singing.

In honour of this significant day Blesma is delighted to launch the ‘VE Day Victory 76 Challenge’ – a unique event with an aim to raise funds for Blesma’s limbless veterans, some of whom bravely fought in WW2 and are still supported by Blesma to this very day.

Blesma, The Limbless Veterans is one of only around ten charities that exist today from the 18,000 that were born out of WWI and just as we are still caring for our World War II veterans, we also look after younger generations who have survived complex trauma injury in recent conflicts.

We are the only national service charity that supports limbless veterans for life, offering financial and emotional support to them and their families.

To commemorate VE Day 76 years on and in honour of those who made great sacrifices for today’s freedoms, Blesma is once again offering ways to unite its Members, supporters, friends, and families in commemoration of that special historic day 76 years ago.

VE Day Victory 76 Challenge taking place on Saturday May 8th invites you to complete your own self-set challenge, based on the number 76.

You might run or walk 7.6 Km, or 7.6 miles, bake 76 cupcakes, climb the stairs 76 times, or do 76 star jumps. Your Victory effort is entirely up to you, the only rules are the government guidelines on social distancing, so why not bake, knit, run or even pogo your 76.

To achieve this, we ask all participants to follow Government guidance regarding social distancing and wearing a face covering if needed when participating in our event

Stay Safe

Once you have completed your challenge; you can celebrate VE Day in style by holding your own VE Day celebration with your Victory pack. You will also be able to join our online event between 2-3pm on the 8th May and take in nostalgic war time music from our live band. Why not gather the whole family around the ‘wireless’ and take in the spirit of the day with us?

This endeavour is designed to be Covid-secure, whatever changes May may bring. It can be undertaken solo at home, or safely outside. Currently government guidance says you are able to take part in outside activity in groups of up to 6 people or with two households. So why not sign up to the ‘Victory 76 Challenge’ with a friend. All around the country, others will be completing their own Victory 76, so be sure to share what you’re doing and tag Blesma on Social Media, you never know who you might be motivating!

How to take part?

There is a £25 registration fee payable when you sign up.

Once you have completed your Victory 76 registration you will receive a special Blesma Victory pack which will include bunting, branded cup, cake stencil, Blesma wrist band and much more. Once you have completed your Victory 76 we will send you your participation medal. Please note before we send out the medals, we will require you to update your fundraising page with a picture of your Victory 76 activity.


You can participate in the Victory 76 anytime on Saturday 8th May 2021. Our live band will be playing online between 2pm-3pm.

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