Veterans’ charity Alabaré announced as Operation Fortitude partner

Veterans’ charity Alabaré have announced that they have been selected to be a key partner in Operation Fortitude which aims to end homelessness amongst ex-Armed Forces personnel in the UK.

Operation Fortitude was unveiled by Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Johnny Mercer in December 2022 as the government’s £8.55 million commitment to end veteran homelessness in the UK.  Since then the Office of Veterans’ Affairs have been working with The Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund to commission the services that will combine to create a pathway of support for those veterans who are in crisis and without a home.

Today’s announcement will see Alabaré work alongside other veteran’s charities and organisations to ensure that ex-military personnel can access the accommodation and support they need to move on to bright futures in their civilian lives.

Alabaré Chief Executive, Andrew Lord, says:

“It is wonderful news to hear that we have been chosen to be a key partner in this pivotal programme.  We know that the majority of Armed Forces veterans transition into their civilian lives without problem, but there are a small but significant minority who struggle and can end up homeless.  We must be there for these veterans.  Our homes and veterans’ pathway of support gives each person the opportunity to rebuild their live and a future for themselves of their choosing. Now we can continue to ensure that our support and our homes is available to veterans in the year ahead.”

Alabaré have been providing dedicated accommodation for veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless across the south and south-west of England and across north and south Wales for over 14 years. Their first Home for Veterans opened in Plymouth in 2009, and their first home in Wales in 2014.  Since then Alabaré have helped thousands of veterans by providing them with a safe home and support to help them rebuild their lives.

Alabaré are currently the largest provider of veterans supported accommodation in Wales, and today’s announcement will see the charity develop their services in the country to provide further support for vulnerable veterans who have complex needs.  This will include giving veterans access to additional mental and physical wellbeing programmes and help with getting back into employment.

The charity relies on donations to fund its Homes for Veterans, and its wider veteran pathway which includes training, wellbeing and support programmes to help veterans transition from a military lifestyle into civilian work, create long term secure accommodation and addressing the challenges of poor mental health that many have experienced.

Richard is a veteran who found himself homeless.  He was sofa-surfing until he came into Alabaré’s Homes for Veterans but since then, he has benefitted from the support of the Alabaré team and has taken part in various activities run through Alabaré’s wider veterans’ programme.

Richard says:

“Today’s news is so good to hear, and it means so much. The Alabaré charity basically saved my life, I had nowhere to go, and I was so low. They basically picked me up and got me back on my feet, so I’d like to see my story happen to others around the UK.”

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