Victory Services Club – Food and Beverage Supervisor

Permanent position – £22,880

40 hours per week – 28 days holiday

Free meals on duty

Uniform provided

Training and development

Job Title: F&B Supervisor
Responsible for: F&B Assistants
Responsible to: F&B Manager, Deputy F&B Manager, Assistant F&B Manager(s)

Primary Role:

To ensure that the highest standards of food and beverage service within the Club’s Food and Beverage Outlets are consistently delivered through quality leadership and robust team management.

Primary business objective is to help maximise the profitability of these outlets through effective selling of all products/services whilst managing payroll and budgeted cost lines. To oversee the training of team members. To assist the F&B Management team in the smooth running of the operations. Promote the Club’s core values of Value, Service & Courtesy within the department

Specific Tasks:


1. To ensure that each member or guest of the Club who uses the F&B facilities receive the best service possible.
2. To be proactive in the initiating of systems to ensure ever increasing levels of customer service are delivered.
3. To deal with customer complaints in an efficient and timely manner.
4. To ensure there is a service recovery is robust.
5. Build positive relationships with the members of the Club.

Operational responsibilities

1. To liaise with the F&B management team and F&B Assistants in relation to preparation for forthcoming business regarding department resources.
2. To ensure correct shift operating procedures (including opening & closing) are followed.
3. To ensure that members’ loyalty scheme is followed by team members.
4. To give abreast of any marketing activities, Club promotions and or forthcoming events.
5. To ensure that departmental ‘Standards of Performance’ and processes for managing consistency and compliance of all team members.
6. To ensure stock controls exist throughout all outlets with clear accountability at all levels within the department.
7. To ensure that member satisfaction is in line with the set standards and revenue capture is correct.
8. Pro-actively assess risks to the business.
9. To ensure that the business needs are met through correct allocation of team members to support this.
10. To ensure that the HAM folders are kept up to date.
11. Service reviews & briefings are conducted.
12. Club Catering facilities are managed.
13. To build relationships with the Kitchen team.
14. Any equipment faults are reported to the Facilities Department via Club 3000.
15. Breakages are recorded accurately and passed monthly in detail to the F&B Management.
16. Member comment cards are completed and compiled and passed to the F&B Management.
17. All cleaning schedules are completed weekly and passed via e-mail to the F&B Management.
18. All “Club Dining” & “The Grill” restaurant reservations are made in Club 3000 ensuring that the allocations are evenly spread out.
19. Menu updates are completed and passed to Marketing.

Team support

1. To inform team members of any information that may well be useful for them departmentally.
2. To ensure that the team members receive correct and detailed briefings offering an explanation that might be required.
3. To ensure 100% training compliance is achieved across the department.
4. To work with all departments to ensure that operational business excellence is achieved.
5. To work closely with the F&B management and F&B Assistant to ensure departmental objectives are being met.
6. All team members are wearing the correct uniforms and they have lockers.


1. Comply with all Club policies as laid out in the staff handbook.
2. Familiarise yourself with other aspects of the Club.
3. Ability to work as a team.
4. Ensure that time management, time keeping, attendance & grooming standards are complied with.

Health and safety

1. Participate and support the Club in emergency or crisis management situations.
2. To take responsibility for departmental Health & Safety and ensure that full compliance is recorded and documented.
3. PPE is used at all appropriate times and repeat if more required.
4. COSHH is adhered to.
5. Lead the team in knowledge of the fire responsibilities.
6. Ensure that the Club complies fully and at all times with its legal duties regarding health, safety and welfare matters.
7. Report all accidents involving injury or illness to your Line Manager and Facilities Manager.
8. Highlight any Health & Safety or maintenance issues and follow up to ensure resolution.

Additional responsibilities

1. Any other reasonable duty as requested by a member of the management team.
2. To deputise in the absence of the Assistant F&B Manager.


HAM folder and Standard Operations Procedures

Health & Safety and Environment:

  • Adhere to the direction and guidance given in the VSC Staff Handbook.
  • All staff are required to use energy resources efficiently and sparingly.
  • Recycle waste where appropriate and to stop or report any wasteful practices.

Previous Experience/Skills:

  • High level of customer care skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to prioritise and serve several rooms at any given time.
  • Must be a responsible team player.

Please send CVs to Matthew Horne at

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