“All they want for Christmas is Time” fundraiser

Give Us Time is holding its first bake fundraiser: “All they want for Christmas is Time”.

This will be an opportunity for us not only to raise money for our families, but also to raise awareness on our cause by showing a widespread support from communities.

The bake fundraiser will be held on Friday 8th December.

If you want to support this initiative, all we need you to do is to bake (or buy! We won’t judge you) some biscuits or cakes and hold a fundraiser at your workplace or at home. Invite friends, family or co-workers!

They will have a great time enjoying some sweetness while donating some money to Give Us Time!

All the money raised will fund flights for military families in need to go on a break at our next group holiday in Bulgaria in March 2018.

If you will join the initiative, get in touch and we will send you a Give Us Time box where you can put your donations, some leaflets with Give Us Time logo and some brochures. So please, remember to provide us with an address.

If you will request our pack later than the 20th November you might not receive it on time, but we will still be happy for you to join our initiative!

In order to raise more awareness, we will ask you to post pictures of your event on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) using the hashtags #GiveUsCake and #GiveUsTime. Other hashtags are more than welcome, but please include the two we gave you.

In particular, to magnify the impact on these platforms we are asking our supporters to post pictures or comments simultaneously at 1pm using the # above.

You can do this from your company or personal account and the more the merrier! So, encourage your friends who joined in the initiative to do the same!

If for some reason you need to organise your event on another date or in the morning, please feel free to do so. You just need to remember to share your pictures with the # at 1pm on Friday 8th December.

If you would like to join our fundraiser, please send an email to enquiries@giveustime.org.uk

Looking forward to seeing some baking skills!

Our Executive Members

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