A new partnership between Forces Support and Veterans With Dogs ushered in by generous £75,000 donation

An exciting new partnership has been formed between Veterans With Dogs and Forces Support, heralded by an exceptionally generous donation of £75,000 from Forces Support. This significant contribution marks the beginning of a collaborative effort aimed at revolutionising the lives of veterans through the enduring companionship and assistance of specially trained dogs.

A Partnership with Promise

This new alliance brings together two organisations dedicated to supporting our nation’s heroes. The donation from Forces Support is set to fully fund the journey of three puppies and their veteran partners, covering all aspects from the acquisition of the puppies, through their training and qualification, to ongoing support. This comprehensive programme not only ensures the welfare of these remarkable dogs but also guarantees a future filled with hope and independence for the veterans they will serve.

Unified in Mission and Vision

Since March 2010, Forces Support has been a cornerstone for families affected by the loss of military personnel, providing essential support and practical assistance across the UK. This collaboration with Veterans With Dogs extends their impact, reflecting a mutual commitment to the well-being of military families and veterans.

Carol Reynolds, CEO of Forces Support, expressed her excitement about the partnership:

“We are absolutely delighted to embark on this journey with Veterans With Dogs. Their mission is a cause close to our hearts, and we are keen to see the transformative effects of our support.”

Craig MacLellan, CEO of Veterans With Dogs, welcomed the new partnership and donation:

“This generous contribution from Forces Support marks the beginning of what we anticipate being a fruitful partnership, one that promises to be life-changing for veterans. The need for qualified assistance dogs is more pressing than ever, and this collaboration will undoubtedly amplify our impact.”

The Lifesaving Role of Assistance Dogs

Veterans With Dogs is committed to training and providing assistance dogs for members of the British Armed Forces dealing with service-related mental health issues. Through the unique PALS (Partner Animals Life Skills) programme, the organisation fosters strong bonds between veterans and their dogs, offering round-the-clock support every day of the year. These dogs do much more than assist; they save lives by offering companionship, unconditional love, and a sense of renewed freedom.

Forward Together

This donation, and the partnership it inaugurates, underscores the incredible potential of collaborative efforts to support veterans. It is a powerful testament to the impact of canine companionship in the lives of those who have served our country.

For more information about the work being done by Forces Support and Veterans With Dogs, or to find out how you can support this life-changing mission, please visit our websites or get in touch directly.

Together, we are forging a brighter future, one veteran and one dog at a time.

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