AFF survey explores the impact of an overseas posting on Army families


Has your Army family been posted overseas in the last three years? Have you returned to the UK after an overseas posting? The Army Families Federation (AFF) has released a new survey to help them to gain a better understanding of the impact of an overseas posting on Army families.

Share your experience

They want to hear about your family life overseas: what works well and where improvement is needed compared to Army life in the UK.

Their short survey asks families to consider whether they were able to make an informed choice about their posting before accepting it.

You’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences of housing, education, healthcare, employment and welfare support for your posting, and all evidence gathered by the charity will inform their work with MOD and service providers to improve the overseas experience for families now and in the future.

Family feedback is vital

AFF UK & Overseas Director Collette Musgrave said: “Gathering current evidence from families is vital in making sure we can continue to highlight the issues affecting Army families to decision makers. It’s a topic we’ve prioritised for some time now, and have already achieved some positive changes, such as an increase to overseas Disturbance Expense and the doubling of School Children’s Visits to ensure families can stay connected across the miles.”

AFF is asking families to share their biggest overseas challenges, as well as the positives of a posting abroad, so they can build a clearer picture of what families truly need. This includes once their posting is over and they return to the UK, which can bring its own set of challenges for many families.

Get involved

To help AFF gather much needed evidence to push for positive change, take their short survey.

Find out more about the work of AFF overseas at


Notes to Editor:

  • The Army Families Federation (AFF) is the independent voice of Army families: Regular or Reserve, wherever they are based, whatever the make-up of their family.
  • Throughout the UK and overseas, AFF works hard to achieve policy change and progress in favour of Army families; they offer advice and guidance on all aspects of Army life, confidentially and in an easy-to-digest way.
  • They work with other agencies such as MOD, government, charities and other key players to strengthen their cause and fight for a fair deal for families everywhere.
  • Their family-focussed website ( contains information about all aspects of Army family life, and their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages offer families other easy ways to contact us, interact with us, or simply follow the work we are doing.
  • AFF operates by four core values, which are pivotal to our work. These are:
    • AFF always puts families first
    • AFF can be trusted
    • AFF is bold and determined
    • AFF is inclusive

Media Contact:

For more information about AFF’s work, contact Donna Bernard, AFF Comms & Marketing Director, at

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