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The motivations and experiences of ex-Service personnel, Reservists and military spouses in self-employment have been historically under-researched. That’s why Forces in Mind Trust commissioned Warwick Institute for Employment Research at the University of Warwick QinetiQ and X-Forces to undertake an ambitious research project, so we can understand what more can be done to support the Armed Forces Community in their pursuit of self-employment.

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New survey reveals Great British public think troops need more support

A new survey released last week, commissioned by Help for Heroes, found that 83% of adults think British soldiers and Veterans should have more support when they return from deployment overseas. Yet, despite the on-going sacrifices made by our Armed Forces, 76% think that Service personnel and Veterans are forgotten about once they return home.

The survey also found that many believe just 55,000 troops served in Afghanistan, when actually 139,000 deployed during the course of the conflict. And almost 150,000 troops served as part of UK military operations in Iraq from 2003 to 2011 – three times the 41,000 most adults thought were deployed.

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