Alabaré welcome new research in to homelessness amongst veterans

Alabaré today welcomes new research commissioned by veterans’ housing charity Stoll and social housing provider Riverside that highlights the problems faced by ex-service personnel upon leaving the Forces.

The research, conducted by the University of York and funded by the Forces in Mind Trust, showed that the veterans who took part in the study experienced a varied quality of advice on transitioning from the Armed Forces and inconsistent support from local housing authorities.

In response to the research, Stoll and Riverside, in collaboration with Cobseo, The Confederation of Service Charities, are publishing three simple recommendations:

  • Government to work with the sector to improve the transition process to prevent any serving personnel becoming homeless after service.
  • Local authorities to consistently check if someone seeking housing support is a veteran and, if they are, to have a clear plan to respond to the veterans they identify.
  • Government to ensure supported housing for veterans is properly resourced.

Andrew Lord, our CEO says;

“This latest research shows that despite the hard-work of charities and local authorities, more can still be done to ensure that veterans receive the appropriate support they need when it comes to housing. Alabaré wit our Homes for Veterans service, are in whole hearted agreement with the proposals set out by Stoll and Riverside and we are hopeful the government will be receptive of the recommendations.”

With our Homes for Veterans service, Alabaré are committed to ensure that vulnerable ex-service personnel receive the appropriate care and support they need when finding themselves in a position of potential homelessness.

Every night we are able to provide over 120 bed spaces for veterans, across the South of England and Wales – specifically; Wiltshire, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Devon, Dorset as well as North and South Wales.


For more information or to arrange an interview call Harvey Taylor on 01722 344485.


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