Alie Salford joins Walking with the Wounded

Walking With The Wounded (‘WWTW’) is delighted to welcome Alie Salford to the organisation.  Alie joins the Head Start team in a new role of Head Start Programme Manager, working alongside Carolyn and managing Colette, Karen & Jo.

WWTW is very lucky to have Alie. She is a highly experienced and dedicated registered nurse who has made significant contributions to the mental health field throughout her career. With over two decades of experience, Alie has demonstrated expertise in various areas, including clinical practice, management, advisory roles, and strategic leadership.

Recognised for her deep knowledge and experience, Alie was appointed to serve in specialist advisory and consultation roles. She worked closely with healthcare professionals, offering guidance and support in complex mental health cases. Her ability to provide evidence-based recommendations and her strong communication skills made her a valued resource among colleagues seeking expert advice.

Driven by her desire to make a broader impact, Alie has supervised and mentored clinicians, empowering them to deliver the highest standard of care resulting in improved patient outcomes and the professional growth of those under her guidance. Alie’s passion for mental health advocacy, combined with her extensive experience and expertise, continues to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals struggling with mental health issues.

In addition to extensive clinical and advisory experience, Alie has also made numerous contributions at a national level. Her collaboration with the Royal College of Psychiatrists Quality Network for Veterans Mental Health has allowed her to influence mental health policies and practices on a larger scale across the UK. She has actively participated in shaping guidelines and standards, ensuring the highest level of care for individuals with mental health conditions. Alie’s dedication to public service extended beyond the healthcare sector. She accepted a non-executive director role for the Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee within the Ministry of Defence in 2022. In this capacity, she provided valuable insights into the mental health needs of veterans, contributing to the development of policies and initiatives aimed at supporting their well-being at a cross sector level.

Alie joins WWTW on a part-time basis.  With her other working days she will continue to practice clinically, with Greater Manchester Resilience Hub in the Trusted Relationships project providing consultation, staff support and training to complex safeguarding teams within Greater Manchester Police.

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