Frankie Urges Listeners To Educate Themselves And To Seek The Support They Need on PTSD Awareness Day

“My PTSD is a dark, dark demon and I have fought with him many times. I know him well.” – Frankie

Wednesday 27th June was National PTSD Awareness Day in the USA, so Frankie Perez took the opportunity to speak out about mental health. He urged those listening to educate themselves and to seek the support they need if they are suffering.
Frankie is currently walking 1000 miles across the United States as part of the Walk Of America expedition team. He and his follow teammates have all suffered with their mental health as a result of their service.

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Walk Of America Expedition Team Member, Kev, talks about why it’s so important to raise the profile of mental health.

Kev Carr is ex- British Army. He was injured in 2004 and has been a resident of The Beacon – a homeless veteran’s residence in Catterick – since August 2017. He is currently one of 6 veterans walking 1000 miles across the United States this summer as part of the Walk Of America expedition team, raising vital awareness and funds for the invisible wounds of war.


When I joined the Army at 17, the world was my oyster. I was ready to serve my country and be proud of the fact that I was a soldier serving alongside my allies.

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US Team Member Adele Writes About The Expedition So Far…

The reason I’m taking part in the Walk Of America is because in 2006 I was wounded in combat. I lost my right eye and my shoulder. And they fixed me up when I left the hospital and I went back to work. But it wasn’t until four years later that I was diagnosed with a brain injury, PTSD and depression. For all that time I just had no idea why I couldn’t remember anything. I was losing my mind. I would just stay in my house and I wouldn’t want to leave because that was my only ‘safe place’.

Once I was diagnosed, at least I had the answers, but even then I didn’t get help because I didn’t really know where to go.

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The Walk Of America 2018 is officially underway!

A team of wounded veterans have embarked on a 1,000 mile journey across America to spread awareness of military mental health, and raise vital funds to support those suffering from the invisible wounds of war. In order to reflect Expedition Patron Prince Harry’s vision that those who serve together should heal together, the team includes veterans from both the UK and the US.

John Mayhead is walking the first 2 weeks of the expedition. Like many on the team, he suffers from PTSD, chronic depression and anxiety. Here he talks about the struggles, both physical and mental, that the team have faced along the way.

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John’s Journey: Ex-Serviceman John Is Joining The Walk Of America…

John Mayhead served in Iraq in 2005 as a company commander in the Coldstream Guards. In the years that followed, he developed PTSD which led into chronic depression and anxiety. This is his story of illness and eventual recovery, leading to his place in this year’s Walk of America.

Strangely, it wasn’t the obvious trauma that most affected me. The horrors of war – luck separating the unscathed and the maimed, dead friends, wounded children – these are the awful reality of combat but one that my Army training had prepared me for since the day, aged 19, I had joined.

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Cumbrian Challenge 2018 Success

This weekend four former Alabaré Gloucestershire Homes for Veterans residents took on the daunting task of the Cumbrian Challenge in support of Walking With The Wounded. The 23km tab took them up Lingmoor Fell and Blake Ridge, an elevation of around 5000ft and in temperatures of around 24 degrees, and whilst they completed against about another 100 teams, the four came first for a second year running as they completed the course in around 4 ½ hours.

Paul Bradley (Ex-Parachute regiment) John Clark (Ex-Rifles), Paul Newark (Ex-Grenadier Guards) and Mark Arnold (Ex-Royal Gibraltar Regiment) decided to run the course despite the temperatures.

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WWTW are celebrating 70 years of the NHS

The National Health Service is turning 70 on 5 July 2018 and it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate our working together…

From working in partnership with NHS Liaison & Diversion Teams, to embedding our Employment Advisors within the NHS TILS (Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service) – Walking With The Wounded relies on its collaboration with the NHS in order to provide wrap-around care for those who struggle after leaving the military.

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Walk Of America 2018: Meet UK Team Member, Kemsley.

Kemsley is one of the core UK team members taking part in the Walk Of America this year. He served with the Royal Signals for 15 years, a job he loved, but he is currently awaiting medical discharge. Kemsley struggles with repeated double shoulder dislocations which have severely impaired his physical and sporting abilities, and thus his ability to remain within the Army. He is passionate about helping and encouraging other ex-servicemen and women to come forward and seek support, and to shine the spotlight on those, who like him, feel that they aren’t injured ‘enough’ to warrant support.

We spoke to Kemsley this week about the upcoming expedition…

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