Armed Forces Pay Award 2017

The 2017 Report of the Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body (AFPRB) has now been published.

Key points to note from this year’s report are:

  • An increase of 1% to all military salaries.
  • A 1% increase to Compensatory Allowances, Reserve Bounties, Call-Out Gratuity and most Recruitment and Retention Payment (RRP) categories.
  • Reprofiling of RRP (Flying).
  • Introduction of a new RRP (Weapon Engineer Submarine).
  • Overall changes to accommodation charges for Single Living Accommodation (SLA) and furnished Service Families Accommodation (SFA) ranging from minus £0.03 to plus £0.27 a day.
  • No increase to the Daily Food Charge, which remains at £4.79.
  • No increase to the Core Meal under Pay As You Dine, which remains at the value of the Daily Food Charge plus VAT, at £5.74 in the UK.

To read the report in full please click here

The NFF meets annually with the Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body to present feedback from Service Personnel and their families, if you have any comments about the Pay Award, please click here.

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