BFBS report reveals Gen-Z perceptions of STEM careers within the Armed Forces

  • 41% of Gen-Z are not aware of STEM opportunities in the Armed Forces
  • Google tops the list as the most desirable STEM employer 

BFBS has today released a report that offers new insight into the perceptions of Gen-Z of STEM Roles within the Armed Forces and beyond. A link to the full report can be found at  

Post the onset of the pandemic, BFBS Creative, the creative agency part of charity and media organisation, BFBS, conducted an online survey, with 1,000 young people aged 18-25 with an interest in STEM roles, to understand what Gen-Z workers are looking for from employers.

Adam Waters, Director BFBS Creative, said:

“Military recruiters face new challenges and fresh opportunities after a year of significant change. To recruit and retain young workers and apprentices into STEM roles, the military must better understand and respond to the expectations of Gen-Z – individuals aged 18-25 who are starting their careers in exceptional circumstances.

This insightful report from BFBS Creative will help to uncover what some of these expectations are, and therefore how the military might be able to adapt its communications around careers and recruitment for these roles to appeal to the expectations of Gen-Z”

This report also explores how the military’s employer brand is perceived by this group compared to other employers also looking to fill STEM roles.

Some key findings from the report include:

Flexible working practices have risen in importance to Gen-Z since the start of the pandemic. Our survey respondents told us that work-life balance (64%), flexible working hours (62%), and a good working environment (57%) have risen in importance to Gen-Z since the start of the pandemic.

Google tops the list as the most desirable STEM employer. Almost one in five (18%) respondents proactively mentioned wanting to work for Google, while other technology companies such as Apple, Tesla and Microsoft were also proactively mentioned as being attractive places to work.

Gen Z are not aware of STEM opportunities in the armed forces. Around two-fifths (41%) of Gen-Z are not aware of STEM opportunities in the Armed Forces. Improving awareness could increase the number of young people who would consider a STEM career in the Armed Forces. One in three (34%) of Gen-Z respondents said they would consider applying for a job or apprenticeship in the Armed Forces, after being presented with a sample list of STEM roles and apprenticeships currently offered in the Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces faces a particular challenge recruiting young Black people. Black people are the least likely to consider a STEM career in the Armed Forces (13%) and the least likely to be aware of STEM career opportunities in the Armed Forces (44%).

If you are interested in downloading the full report or speaking to BFBS Creative about your recruitment needs, please show your interest at

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