Chronic pain in Veterans

The purpose of this research is for Veterans to tell us of their everyday living with chronic pain, how they manage it, overcome difficulties and factors that are important to them, and to do this, we would like to talk with up to 15 veterans who have experience of dealing with chronic pain.

The important criteria for participants to take part is that they currently live with chronic pain, whether this be as a direct result of injury in military service, or after service, and the aetiology of pain is not important: rather we want to find out how veterans live with their pain in everyday life.

If individuals choose to participate, Tom will visit the veterans at a time and place convenient to them to conduct an interview for their stories and experiences to be told. Full ethical approval has been granted by ARU.  Please contact Tom at or call him on 07908 178802 if you are able to assist.

The deadline for this project is June 2020.

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