Coping with Redundancy

“How can this happen to me?” “I must have done something wrong” and “How can I tell my family and friends?” are three commonly experienced reactions to being made redundant by your employer.

The topic of redundancy presents an important and deep-seated concern to not just the military but individuals employed in the civilian working world too. It can happen at any time and sometimes more than once. Whether you’re already familiar with what to expect or you fear redundancy on the horizon and don’t know what to do, it is okay to go through a range of emotions during this time.

Not everybody is the same and how individuals respond to being made redundant varies greatly from one person to another. Any critical juncture during a person’s career can pose a great deal of uneasiness and concern but the subject of redundancy remains particularly sensitive and generally presents a series of unwelcome emotions, as a result. With some, the effects of being made redundant and a difficulty in coping can last for a considerable amount of time; for others the acceptance process can come a lot quicker.

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