Could You Work for a Charity?

The non-profit sector is a large and diverse sector, offering many different roles. Here is why you should consider working for a charity.

There are more than 183,000 charities registered with the Charity Commissionthat work in different areas, including education, foreign aid, health, military, nature conservation, social care and sport. You should easily find an organisation that supports a cause you feel passionately about. Using your skills to help an organisation that you value will increase your chances of success.

The charity shop run by volunteers is only a small part of the non-profit sector. Many large charities have a corporate structure, with Finance, HR, Legal, Communications and Operations departments. They need an effective business model to fundraise and run efficiently. For example, Oxfam has more than 5,000 employees and an annual income of around £414 million.

All officers are experienced at working in a professional environment for large organisations, so can often adapt quickly to the non-profit sector. However, you must still consider your other skills and what type of role you would be suitable for.

When applying for a job, emphasise your financial planning; income generation and stakeholder engagement achievements. Perhaps gain some work experience as a trustee, or as a member of working group. This will also prove your passion to the charity’s cause.

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