Explora facilitates introductory courses (SU Faculty of Science & Engineering)

Explora Scholarship Fund – in collaboration with Swansea University – are facilitating 10 complimentary “Introductory Online Courses” in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Accordingly, they are sharing qualified applications to the benefit of Cobseo Members, and subsequently the Armed Forces Community. The duration of these courses online is variable up to 30 hours. Those who pass gain a certificate and 10 university credits.

In the event the serviceperson is mentally/physically unfit to take advantage of this, the course would be available to a qualified application of the spouse. These limited sharing opportunities to members of Cobseo, has been sanctioned by the Trustees of Explora Scholarship Fund and Swansea University.

Individual Courses include:

  • Introduction to Material Engineering
  • Introduction to Fossil Free Steelmaking
  • Corrosion and Coatings Technology
  • Practical Metallurgy
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Introduction to CAD,2D,3D
  • Environmental Impact &Sustainability
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Arc Welding
  • Fluid & Pressure Systems
  • Understanding Mechanical Testing

In the first instance for further information, please address your email with contact detail to swright@theexplorafoundation.org

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