Finding a Flexible Approach to Work after Service Life, by Harriet Rogers

Harriet Rogers shares her story about wanting a new career that is more flexible and not office based.

It was during my career transition workshop, run via CTP, that panic began to set in. My fellow officers announced their chosen industries to work in after leaving the military – Project Management, Consultancy, Defence Sales, Finance – making me feel increasingly like an imposter. I introduced myself and feebly squeaked that I wanted “something flexible and online.” I felt mortified that I did not have a better plan.

Despite 12 years of commissioned Service and working in high pressure environments, I suddenly doubted if I could adapt to my new career. I appreciate I am not alone.

More officers now want flexible working in their civilian careers, but have no idea how to make this happen. The demands of juggling two Service careers with young children is just one of the reasons why my husband and I are leaving the RAF. Instead, we are moving abroad for my husband’s new job. This will help to improve the work-life balance and capitalise on the skills we have gained in the military. I am taking a break from the traditional, rigid work environment, to develop new skills and a career that fits around my children. But stopping full-time work is terrifying, and you worry about how difficult it is to return.

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