Former RAF Officer, Kate Tripp, to run in the OA Triathlon Team

Kate Tripp is running for the OA in the OA Inter-Services Triathlon at the end of July. We interviewed her to find out more.

This year the triathlon is organised by the RAF Triathlon Association and sponsored by the OA. The Army, Navy and RAF will compete at the annual event, in individual and team categories, including Male, Female and Veteran. In addition to the Armed Forces, the emergency services, the OA and guest teams will participate. The OA will have a relay team, with a different person completing each discipline.

Tell us a bit about yourself? 
I spent 22 years in the RAF as an Education and Training Officer. I represented the RAF at tennis and badminton, and entered the Inter-Station Triathlon for fun. In 2003 the RAF ladies triathlon team were sufficiently desperate that they asked me to take part. I finished at the back of the field, but I did finish. Three months later I was diagnosed with cancer, which had been undetected for eight years, so I feel a little better about my triathlon performance. I left the RAF as a Regular in 2012 but immediately joined the RAF Reserves. I now serve with 600 City of London Squadron at RAF Northolt.

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