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A new training course is on offer to Cobseo Members for free from RACPD. The course – a Level 2 Certificate in Information, Advice or Guidance for members of staff who provide advice to beneficiaries, but for whom it may not be their main role and so they don’t require a higher level qualification – can be done in-house over  4.5 days if there are 10 or more participants, or staff can attend a course in Larkhill, near Salisbury, and there is an online course that learners can complete in their own time.

RACPD has gained funding to be able to provide this course for free, but participants will need to pay a small deposit up front, which is reimbursed on completion.

If you are interersting in finding out more, please contact Rob Dawkins on 01980 845302 or

“This GCSE equivalent qualification aims to develop the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the key principles of information, advice or guidance and applying these within their own context. It is designed for those people who work in, or are delivering information, advice or guidance role in some capacity as a by-product of their normal routine. 

“Learners will be able to develop their skills, share best practice and increase their confidence in information, advice or guidance delivery. The programme will provide them with an understanding of the factors which can influence the effectiveness of information, advice or guidance group sessions. It also covers how to plan, conduct and evaluate such sessions and enables learners to acquire the skills required to establish co-operative working relationships. Learners will increase their awareness of the range of resources that are available in specific organisations. The programme will provide them with the skills to recognise when it is appropriate to signpost or refer clients to other agencies and understand how to monitor and evaluate referrals.

“This qualification can be delivered in 2 ways; either a 5 day tutor led course or via distance learning utilising Google Drive. We do take a £75 holding fee but this is refunded in full upon successful completion of the qualification in 12 weeks. Assessment is by way of answering 39 questions in total across the 5 units.

“To date, over the past 18 months we have delivered this qualification to 150 individuals including members from all 3 Services, RBL & SSAFA employees, and to a variety of charities across the UK. We are the only training provider to be able to offer this course in the UK as a tutor led version.

“Tutor led courses can be run anywhere in the UK on the proviso that a minimum number of 10 students attend. Even if they are unable to attend every day this is perfectly fine as the other units can be completed online.”

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