From the Sea, Freedom – South Atlantic Medal Association 82 2022 Activities Summary 

From the Sea, Freedom

Happy New Year from the SAMA82 Board of Directors and Trustees, who are now very much looking forward to a better year than the previous 2 years.  This item is essentially a brief note/reminder, ‘attention getter’, to all Falkland Island 82 South Atlantic Medal (FI82 SAM) holders of the many events taking place across the UK during this 40th anniversary year of the FI82 conflict.

SAMA82 Board members are embedded into the Falkland Islands Government Office (FIGO) 40th Anniversary planning committee for 2022.  This involves giving full support, resources and effort towards the planning and execution of an extensive programme of events running both in the UK and the FI during the 40th Anniversary year.  Many single unit/service/regiment/association events are of course planned to take place at varying times throughout the year, but the main anniversary UK events that involve SAM veterans across all services and organisations are promulgated here. The wider dissemination of this ‘message’ is essential as many SAM holders are not members of SAMA82 and therefore not direct recipients of the regular newsletters and email updates.  So, please pass the information down to your individual organisation membership so that the message gets through to as many SAM holders as possible.

Timeline of 40th Anniversary Main Events:

(All events with full details can be found here:

In summary, the Covid years of 2020/2021 have indeed provided challenges for not only the SAMA82 Board but also so many other charities and organisations.  However, with the energy, inspiration, and comradeship our members enjoy from being a part of SAMA82, it is clear so much can still be done with sound direction, planning and regular communication.   As we now look to the many and varied events of this 40th Anniversary year of 2022, it is felt that much can be salvaged from where we have been these past 2 years.  Indeed, it is essential that we continue these efforts in order that we get back to our ‘normal’ lives where we will once again meet and greet our fellow FI82 SAM Veterans.

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