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You can save £8 by pre-ordering from the Royal Marines Shop FOUR TWO, The Official History of 42 Commando Royal Marines 1943-2023 by Dr David Abrutat, former Royal Marines Commando and Military and Intelligence Services’ historian.

FOUR TWO is the story of 42 (RM) Commando from the darkest days of the Second World War right up to the complexity of the Commando Force battle space. It is a rich and varied history from fighting our nation’s enemies, providing humanitarian aid in the remotest areas of the globe to people they have never met, to keeping drugs from our shores, adventures in some of the most extreme environments and public duties on the streets of London.

Be it in the dense, humid jungles of Burma, Malaya and Borneo to the arid deserts of Iraq and Aden to contested and congested Northern Ireland and Afghanistan, across the oceans to the seas of the Gulf, the Caribbean, and the great Southern Ocean of the frozen fringe of Antarctica, 42 have truly served Per Mare Per Terram.

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