Helping hand for a loyal friend

Gyan Bahadur Sunuwar spent 14 dedicated years working in support of Gurkha veterans and their communities. When disaster struck his own family, we were there to ensure he didn’t face it alone.

Gyan started working for us in 1993. At the time, we ran a Welfare Centre on the hill next to his home village and Gyan was pleased to get a job there at the age of 31. Only a few years later, civil war broke out in Nepal and conflict in the hills was the backdrop for the next decade of our work.

“I was an orderly,” Gyan explains. “We used to go on field trips with the Welfare Officers. We would carry supplies, guide them around the hills, make camp and cook, that kind of thing.

“We went to visit the Gurkha veterans at their homes to check on their condition. Sometimes we would give them medicine if their health wasn’t good. Back then, we also used to buy land for veterans to help them start farming, so sometimes we would go and look at plots for sale.

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