Highways England is Recruiting Former Officers

David Picton, Interim Executive Director for Commercial and Procurement at Highways England, outlines the opportunities available:

Why is Highways England recruiting Service leavers?

Highways England is growing because the country is undergoing its biggest ever investment in its roads. This investment delivery is in its first phase, running from 2015-2020, and will be followed by the next five year phase. We need new teams led by suitable leaders to build the right culture and to deliver effectively, and former officers are a natural fit.

Service leavers have many of the skills we require, such as the ability to think flexibly and take responsibility for their work. We want people who say “I understand what you want to achieve, so leave it with me to deliver the solution.” They are experienced at running teams in difficult situations, while measuring opportunities against risk.

What opportunities are available?

What is great about Highways England, is that you will be spoilt for choice for career routes, from working on major projects or support functions such as HR finance and IT through to our hands on operational roles running the everyday traffic operations.

How can Service leavers make their applications to Highways England stand out?

Having recruited many people for 10 years, I can spot a generic CV straight away, so personalise yours when applying for a role with Highways England. Highlight your skills and experiences, by using practical examples of projects you have delivered. Your examples should outline your level of responsibility and the measurable impact you had.

Your CV should also reflect your character, because Highways England wants people who share its values and suit its culture. Write two or three short sentences about who you are and want you want from your new career.

Why is Highways England a good employer for Service leavers?

Highways England shares many of the same values as the Armed Forces, with both focused on public service. Everyone works in independent teams that come together to achieve common goals, which is similar to the military. A career with Highways England is important for the country – why? Because the work really matters – having a good road infrastructure is crucial for a healthy economy. If a veteran wants a second career that is ambitious and delivers value, then Highways England could be the ideal choice!

Interested in working for Highways England?

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