Lady Grover’s Fund: Healthcare Insurance for Officers’ Families

Lady Grover’s Fund is an established Friendly Society able to provide financial support to cover hospital accommodation fees, home nursing and domestic help for officers’ dependants when sick or injured. Founded in 1911, the Fund now provides specialist insurance cover to over 3,000 officer families. Membership costs just £50 a year for potential benefits of up to £6,930.

The Fund provides financial help at the most difficult of times. Whilst there are many grant giving charities offering support to officers and their dependants, there are few that are able to provide the level of assistance Lady Grover’s Fund offers, particularly for care related costs.

The Officers’ Association (OA) works closely with the Trustees of Lady Grover’s Fund to provide administration and marketing support to ensure the Fund continues to grow in order to support officers’ dependants into the future.

The OA recognises that membership of the Fund offers insurance support to officers’ families. The opportunity to provide membership for your own beneficiaries through Lady Grovers’ Fund exists, but of course there are membership qualification criteria to meet and these are listed below.

Further details can be found here.

To discuss further, please contact Nigel Hare, Operations Director at the OA.

Email:, or telephone: 020 7808 4160.

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