Launch of the Submarine Mermaid Postal Service

Greenwich Hospital is funding a unique pilot project to support the submariner community and their children.

The first and only service of its kind, the Submarine Mermaid Postal Service (TM), works to support young children during submarine deployments at sea where a parent/carer or relative is on deployment and unable to contact the shore.

The project sends messages to children via the Submarine Mermaid Postal Service (TM) (through the Royal Mail and Morse code) for fun to help celebrate milestones, birthdays, special occasions, or just to say hi.

Messages are also sent during challenging times, including illness in the family, complicated periods in education or work, bereavement or adverse childhood events.

The project is led by Helen Mason, a HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council) registered and experienced therapist. Helen’s husband is a serving submariner, and together with their three children, they all understand the issues and impact of extended deployments on family life.

The team involved with the project includes senior specialist HCPC and UKCP qualified therapists with experience of working with families plus lived experience of submarine and armed forces life.

Helen and the team aim to create an online space for those connected with submarine deployments to connect for fun and support and want to develop resources for the community. They are working to identify if such a team and service would be valuable to the submarine community longer-term.

The Submarine Mermaid Postal Service (TM) is part of the In Silent Service set up by Helen in 2010, committed to supporting Submariners and special forces families. The project is held by Rise and Rewild Community Interest Company (Aka R&R).

For further information and to register to take part, please visit:

Our Executive Members

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