Maritime Charities Group appoints Graham Hockley as Chairman

Commander Hockley was elected to this new role on 30 April, which he will continue as an independent after his retirement from his position as Secretary to the Corporation of Trinity House later this year. At Trinity House he oversees the management of Trinity House’s two charities—the Corporate Charity and the much-larger Maritime Charity—and the diverse fraternity of men and women from across the maritime sector that comprises the Corporation.

The MCG—established in 2003—exists to identify gaps in maritime charitable grants and maximise the use and impact of the resources available to maritime charities, by encouraging best practice, sharing information on grant applications and funding, promoting the harmonisation of grant-making procedures and jointly funding projects and research that will create an overall benefit for maritime charities and their beneficiaries.

One example of the group’s recent successes has been the commissioning and publication in 2017 of the Navigating Change report, a review of the UK maritime welfare charity sector; the report presents the key findings of a major research project reviewing the needs and demographics of UK maritime beneficiaries and the support offered by the UK maritime welfare charity sector. The report covers the ups and downs of the period 2005-15 and looks to future challenges through to 2050.

Commander Hockley commented on his new role:

“I have made my way from the Royal Navy to IMarEST to Trinity House and, finally, I am very proud to sit as Chair of the MCG and hopefully bring something of each of those organisations to the table. Not least of which is an awareness of the scale of need among seafarers and their families—sometimes whole communities—as well as an appreciation of the positive impact that the MCG can make on those lives through collaborating and raising the impact of our grant making. Seafarers provide us all with so much and as such they deserve assistance when they are in need.

“It is important that we seek wherever possible to improve cross-working and close co-operation, while at the same time retaining and acknowledging the unique character of each member charity and the contributions made by them.

“Finally, on behalf of everyone at MCG, I would like to once again thank Barry for everything he has done to ensure that the MCG is raising the profile of our beneficiaries’ needs and putting those needs at the top of our agenda, making us a vital voice in the maritime sector.”

Maritime Charities Group
The Maritime Charities Group was established in 2003. The group’s membership is comprised of Greenwich Hospital, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, ITF Seafarers Trust, Merchant Navy Welfare Board, Nautilus International, Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, Seafarers UK, Seafarers’s Hospital Society and Trinity House. The administration of the MCG lies currently with Seafarers UK.
The MCG aims to collaborate closely by understanding one another’s policies and grant making criteria, sharing information, jointly funding larger grants and encouraging good practice.
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Commander Graham Hockley RN
Commander Graham Hockley was appointed as the Secretary to Trinity House in 2009, heading the Secretariat and running its charities and looking after its maritime Fraternity. He was elected as the Chairman of the Marine Charities Group in April this year.

Prior to this he had been a Director of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology responsible for Technical and Professional Affairs, and Membership Services for the 15,000 members. However, his career began in the Royal Navy serving from 1973 to 2001 as an engineer officer in a variety of ships including the Royal Yacht, training establishments, procurement and the MoD.

Interests comprise hill walking, photography, maritime history, and essential DIY of a 300 year old cottage. He and his wife Joanna live in West Sussex, where he is a parish councillor.

For further information please contact:
Valerie Coleman, Programme Development Manager, Maritime Charities Group
Tel: 07515 050 301 / Email:

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