Meet Mali Davies with the Company of Makers

Meet Mali Davies with the Company of Makers on Tuesday 14 May 2024 at 1900.

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Photography has changed my life and I live to create. I believe my enthusiasm and passion for Photography shown within my work and videography needs to be shared and to hopefully inspire others. I work so hard to build a positive community with my facebook group Let’s Create and my workshops to bring people together and continue to inspire others. For my own personal reasons, photography is a spiritual and wonderful way to keep myself connected to nature and express myself via this amazing medium. From the age of six photography has always been with me but took me along time to realise its all I want to do. 5 years ago I started the content creator road on Youtube making predominately Landscape Photography videos and the success of this has given me the momentum to start printing my own work and run my own website and podcasts. My photography can be quite eclectic and I love to experiment, play and express myself from camera to the final image. I hope you will join me on the talk and enjoy my passion for photography

About Mali

“Hello, my name is Mali Davies and I have been a creative artist for over 30 years. The one true constant creative medium over this time and since I was a young boy has been Photography. It took me 40 years to realise this. From being a fine artist to Graphic Designer to pay the bills, I now put all my energy into photography and creating videos on my YouTube channel Mali Davies Photography, my Podcast Lets Create Lets Talk The Photography Show. My Channel is predominately Landscape Photography and street photography. My podcast is talking to other photographers from all around the world and my thoughts on what is happening in the world of photography.”

Live Talk

Hosted by Company of Makers’ co-founder Steve Bomford.


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Company of Makers are funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund, Arts Council England Greenwhich Hospital and the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity.

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