MIMES – an Armed Forces study

As part of Mesothelioma UK’s Supporting Our Armed Forces service, they are collaborating with the University of Sheffield on a research project that aims to identify the needs of mesothelioma patients who are, or were in, the British Armed Forces.

The aims of this stage of the research are to:

  • understand the experience and health/ support needs of British Armed Forces personnel/veterans with mesothelioma (with and without exposure through the Armed Forces) and family carers
  • identify how best health professionals and support agencies within the Armed Forces and NHS can best meet the care and support needs of British Armed Forces personnel/veterans with mesothelioma

Those taking part will be contacted by a member of the research team who will discuss the study in more detail. Following this, a date for an interview will be arranged. This will take place on the phone, or at a place to suit the participant, and should last around 30 minutes. All responses will be anonymised.

The interview will explore views and experiences of the impact of mesothelioma for Armed Forces personnel/veterans. Topics that will be discussed in the interview through open and closed questions will include: understanding of the diagnosis, information and support needs and the impact of a diagnosis.

If you would like to take part, you must be a person or family member of someone who:

  1. Has worked or is working in the British Armed Forces.
  2. Is not experiencing physical or emotional distress that would be aggravated by participation.
  3. Is able to give informed consent.
  4. Can speak English.

Please contact Stephanie on saejegi-memeh1@sheffield.ac.uk or Angela Tod at a.tod@sheffield.ac.uk or call the Mesothelioma UK helpline on 0800 169 2409.

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