Mind Flipping: How to Identify Your Skills to Get the Job You Want

Understanding an employer’s needs is crucial for securing your new career.

Zena Everett, an Executive Coach and author of Mind Flip, ran a webinar with Clive Lowe, an OA Career Consultant, on identifying and promoting your skills using the Mind Flipping technique.

What is Mind Flipping?

Mind Flipping is to turn your focus away from yourself and instead to look outwards. When applying for a job you must identify the value you will add, and the problems only you can solve for a potential employer. The benefits of Mind Flipping include making it easier to sell yourself, overcome challenges and network.

What you need to know about recruitment

  • Employers and recruiters look at your most recent experience first. They are not interested in you, but what you can do for them. Your experiences need to demonstrate how you can help with their challenges.
  • The job market has gone underground. Increasingly jobs are not advertised publicly. It is therefore crucial you can identify the organisations that are likely to benefit from your skills and experiences.
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