A new online research resource on veterans’ health has just been launched

The Health of Veterans’ Research Team (HVRT) at King Edward VII’s (KEVII) Hospital is a new research group established to conduct literature reviews on veterans’ health. The HVRT has just launched their website which will act as an online research resource on veterans’ health by providing literature reviews, exclusive data, as well as news updates. Their website acts as a portal for sourcing information on the health of veterans, and also details more about the team and their current and future research projects. You can access it on https://hvrt-mac-veteranshealth.org/.

The HVRT supports the work of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC). The MAC provides objective professional medical advice on matters affecting the health of Service Personnel, in order to promote the long term health of the Armed Forces Community. When requested, the HVRT offers impartial information to Cobseo, Service charities, as well as government institutions on emerging health issues and policies identified in regular literature reviews. The HVRT also undertakes horizon-scanning for emerging and potential threats to the wellbeing of the Armed Forces community through ongoing engagement with national and international experts in the field.

The HVRT has just completed their first literature review on mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), which evaluates current understanding of mTBI amongst serving and previously serving military personnel. This paper discusses the definition and classification of mTBI, prevalence rates, comorbidity with other disorders, long-term consequences, and approaches towards treatment obtained from sources worldwide. It also contains exclusive data on the number of mTBI cases in the UK military over the last eight years released by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). You can freely download this article on the HVRT website https://hvrt-mac-veteranshealth.org/.

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