New Service Complaints app launches today

The new My Complaint application is a ‘one-stop shop’ for anyone submitting a Service Complaint and can be accessed via Defence Gateway. The digitalisation of the Service Complaints system will ensure that the management of all complaints will be more streamlined, and efficient for all.

The programme is tied to the delivery of a number of House of Commons Defence Committee (HCDC), Wigston and Service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces (SCOAF) recommendations. This new digital system will ensure Defence is continuously delivering these recommendations.

To access the My Complaint app, click on the SCIO portal icon in the applications section of Defence Gateway and scroll down to ‘My Complaint app’. SCIO is a tailored application portal which, dependant on the role of the user, offers access to several applications.

You can also click here to access the SCIO portal 

Vice Admiral Phil Hally, Chief of Defence People:

“By launching the My Complaint app and digitising the processes behind it, we have introduced an easy way for Service personnel to access and track the progress of complaints. This can help improve confidence that complaints will be dealt with fairly and efficiently, which may lead to more people coming forward with any complaints they have.

“Digitising and simplifying processes is part of the complex, long-term, systemic change we are making across the whole Defence organisation. We are modernising and adapting in line with the first (People) chapter of the Defence Command Paper Refresh 2023 and the Haythornthwaite Review of Armed Forces Incentivisation to ensure we attract and retain the people we need. The creation of the My Complaint app is also a demonstration of our commitment to deliver all of the Wigston Review recommendations.

“In Defence, our people are our priority. They underpin our strategic advantage, and we will do all we can to support every individual to better their personal and professional lives, while ensuring a safe workplace for all.”

More detail on the My Complaint app

The app will give users the ability to log a new complaint and complete any actions relating to the complaint digitally instead of the older process which used email and paper forms.

The online app is split into four stages, with prompts directing the user as to what is required at each stage.

All users of the app will receive digital notifications via emails and texts to keep them up to date on the progress of their Service Complaint. This will help users stay better informed and to feel included at each step of the process.

With the new tool, users can now also raise a Service Complaint from their own personal device, giving them greater flexibility and access throughout the complaints process.

Who can use the My Complaint app?

From today, the following users can log a new complaint on the new app:

  • All serving or former Service personnel, Regular or Reserve

A Service Complaint must normally be made within three months of the date of the incident, however if a complaint is made beyond the time limit, it may still be considered if there are just and equitable reasons to allow it to proceed.

MOD civilians cannot submit a Service Complaint, as there are different processes in place for this. More on this can be found here: Civilian Formal Complaints process.

Although the use of the My Complaint application is encouraged, Defence recognises that there are circumstances which may require Service Complaints to be submitted in paper and/or email form, and these will continue to be accepted where necessary.

If you have an existing Service Complaint that is already being dealt with, don’t worry, no action is required. Work is underway to transfer all data from existing complaints to the new system. All ongoing complaints will still be processed in the usual way, with users being notified once their complaint has been transferred to the new system.

Types of complaints that can be submitted on the My Complaint app

Users can submit a Service Complaint about any matter where they believe they have been wronged in relation to their service in the Armed Forces.

There are certain excluded matters that personnel cannot make a Service Complaint about. They are listed here: Annex B to Part 1 of JSP 831.

Service Complaints can only be made by an individual. They cannot be made by a group and/or submitted on behalf of someone else.

All complaints submitted will be treated as entirely confidential.

More information and user guides

  • My Complaint app Q&A – answers all the questions that users may have about the new app, how it works, why it has replaced the old system and what to expect
  • User video – provides a step by step run through of how to use the app
  • Quick reference guides – easy to use guides on how to use the app

If you have seen something unacceptable, or need support or guidance on unacceptable behaviour, visit the Call It Out hub.

Any further questions about the My Complaint app should be directed to the user’s Service Complaints Secretariat, who will be able to provide further information and support.

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