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The OA interviewed Ben Keene and Skye Robertson, from Escape the City, about changing careers. Here are some of their thoughts.

About Escape the City
Escape the City is a global career change community for people who want to do work that matters to them. It believes in building a future where work powers a happier and more sustainable world. The team works with inspiring organisations around the world, and runs a jobs board, online courses, networking events and workshops.

How has work changed?
There are three main ways that work has changed:

  • Technology
  • Education
  • Connection.

Technology is the great equaliser, because an individual has access to the same digital tools as a multinational company. The internet makes it is easier than ever to start a business, helping you to find useful contacts and access vital knowledge.

In the past, going to university usually secured a good career, but not anymore. Fortunately, the internet gives you access to most of human knowledge for free or little cost. You can now instantly find the information you need for your professional development, and plan your next career steps.

The internet also enables you to connect with people who can help your career. You can find inspiring people with similar interests, or work in an industry that interests you. However, do not overlook meeting in person – you will learn more from talking over a coffee than email exchange.

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