How to research for a successful transition, by Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a Career Consultant at the OA. She shares her top tips on researching to find the right career after leaving the Armed Forces.

Start Early
The earlier you start the more time you will give yourself, and be able to do justice to your ‘reconnaissance’. There are so many opportunities out there, and it will take time to research them fully and identify where you feel you would fit in best.

You can start by doing some research online, where there is of course a huge amount of material and information. People will be impressed if you can demonstrate a certain level of knowledge. Read blogs, follow organisations on social media and look on their website.

You can then move on to face-to-face research.

Network, network, network
Meeting others through networking events, or one-on-one if you can, is probably the most effective way of gaining information, and improving your knowledge about both sectors and specific organisations. Approaching people for advice and guidance can seem daunting, but do not forget that they were once in your shoes, particularly if they are ex-military themselves.

You will learn a huge amount of useful information from existing employees, which will help you to understand why you want to work in that sector or specific organisation. This information will also prove invaluable at interview.

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