Support and Assistance for Afghan Interpreters and Ex-Military Personnel now living in the UK

The following Cobseo Members can provide support and assistance for Afghan Interpreters and Ex-Military Personnel who are now living in the UK.

Bolton Guild of Help

The Bolton Guild off Help can offer some support to Afghan Interpreters etc. living within the Borough of Bolton. They can help by providing:

  • White goods
  • Furniture
  • Help with food
  • Benefits advice
  • Clothing

Please contact the Guild Manager, Mrs Tracey Slater, on 01204 524858

Please note that their grant limit is circa £300 per client.

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes has always recognised the efforts of civilians embedded in the Armed Forces, who served under UK command.

Since 2016, we have been supporting wounded, injured and sick embedded civilians, and their families, from Afghanistan and other conflicts, who have relocated to the UK. Safe relocation from Afghanistan is merely the first step in their journeys.

Find out more here:

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity can assist Afghans who can evidence working with HQ3 Commando Brigade or Royal Marines units on Op HERRICK or Op FINGAL.

Mode Rehabilitation

More Rehabilitation are a Hub and Drop-In Centre that can provide:

  • Counselling support
  • Psychological interventions as well as addition treatment

We Are With You

We Are With You provide addictions service with a dedicated veteran bespoke pathway.

Our Executive Members

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Afghanistan support

In light of recent events in Afghanistan, please find information and support resources here