The 50+ Job Seeker: How to navigate a rapidly changing jobs market

With the UK jobs market experiencing unprecedented challenges and the demand for vacancies difficult to predict, how do you maximise your chance of job success?

Critical to success is the ability to pitch yourself at the right level and articulate your military skills and experiences to civilian employers in ways they understand.

Job opportunities exist, soft skills are in demand, but should you enhance your chance of success by upskilling or reskilling? Are you looking for a full-time career or a series of part-time roles? Have you considered non-traditional roles? How do you find such roles?

Join us as we explore the challenges, examine the risks and highlight the opportunities for your next career move as a 50+ ex-forces job seeker.

When: Thursday 23 September 1000 to 1500

Reasons to attend:

With a packed agenda, guest speakers will share their insights across a wide range of ‘next-step’ career opportunities, from senior corporate and NED roles to portfolio careers, including teaching, consulting and giving back.

Service leavers and veterans have the skills and resilience to compete successfully across the job market. If it has been a while since you looked for a new role, or you believe there is something better out there, now is the time to join our next 50+ career seminar.

Join us as we cover:

  • Jobs market overview and the appetite for the 50+ skill set: we discuss the skills and experience 50+ employees offer business and where they are valued
  • A holistic approach to job seeking ‘not just a career’: looking at the bigger picture, understanding your drivers and motivations in finding your next role and exploring alternatives
  • Career Confidence: Get to know the value you offer an employer. Being comfortable in your own skin, able to overcome nagging doubts and being able to cope with redundancy
  • Commercially Aware: Back to basics CV support, being self-aware, understanding the value and importance of personal branding and how to develop it
  • Finding your Fit and Pitching Yourself at the Right Level: How to navigate the conversation around ‘being far too senior for this position’ plus confidently approaching salary negotiations
  • Sector Insights: Employer and veteran perspectives
  • Exploring ‘other’ Careers: Looking at ‘taking a step down’, part-time work, volunteering and potential opportunities abroad

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