The ASDIC Mission

This week we spoke to David Shaw CEO and founder of the Veterans’ Foundation about the ASDIC mission:

“The Veterans’ Foundation recognises the good effects being delivered across the UK by a variety of small organisations, many who fall under the title of veterans’ ‘drop-in centres’. We recognise the intent within the ASDIC mission:

“Our mission is to maximise the sustainability, resilience, effectiveness and delivery of Drop-In Centres, and improve liaison with Breakfast Clubs, across the United Kingdom to ensure that all vulnerable veterans receive swift and empathetic support and that their needs are appreciated at higher levels.”

“…and hope to be able to support ASDIC and their members in order to deliver the best effect to veterans, particularly those in need, by providing useful funding. 

“The Veterans’ Foundation mainly supports small and medium-wealth charities and charitable organisations by providing grants; these have amounted to over £10M since inception in 2016 and we expect to award grants totalling circa £4.4M in FY 2021/2022.”

For more information and to book your place at the ASDIC Conference, follow this link:

For more information on the work of the Veterans Foundation:

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