The Royal British Legion introduces live lessons to its new remembrance resources for schools

  • The RBL’s latest teaching materials include two brand new live lessons – a poetry project with spoken word poet Tomos Roberts and a special Live Remembrance Assembly for schools
  • The charity has also added to its existing range of Remembrance lesson plans, assemblies and bitesize activities

The Royal British Legion, together with the National Literacy Trust, has launched a new range of free teaching resources to help children in Key Stages 1-5 understand the importance of Remembrance and its relevance today.

The charity is encouraging teachers to register their interest in two exciting new live learning opportunities – the Alive with Poppies poetry project taking place from 3 – 6 October, and the Live Remembrance Assembly on the 11th November. Using his specially commissioned poem for the Festival of Remembrance last year as inspiration, renowned poet Tomos Roberts will be delivering four virtual lessons helping children plan, create and perform their own Remembrance poetry. The Live Remembrance Assembly on Armistice Day, co-produced by the National Literacy Trust, will be an interactive live stream for Key Stage 2 classes, exploring why we remember through poetry and music and bringing children across the country together for the Two Minute Silence.

This year the resources will explore the theme of ‘service,’ highlighting the role of the civilian emergency services, the work of the intelligence services, and the service provided by our Armed Forces. During times of conflict or national emergency, service can also include a wider group of people, for example, the thousands of volunteers that supported the NHS during the Covid pandemic. The teaching resources will help explore what service means, the backgrounds of those who serve, and the impact it has on them and their families.

The Royal British Legion’s Remembrance Lead, Philippa Rawlinson, says:

“The live lessons for schools are an innovative addition to RBL’s new range of materials to help teachers show the next generation why it is important to remember those who serve. Understanding our shared heritage of Remembrance helps bring communities together and ensures we recognise the service and sacrifice of past and present generations. These new resources will help us ensure Remembrance is understood by and available to all children in every community in the UK.”

Fay Lant, Head of School Programmes at the National Literacy Trust, says:

“We are so proud to be partnering with the Royal British Legion for Remembrance. The new live lessons will provide a creative, interactive way for children to learn about the importance of Remembrance whilst also improving their literacy skills. Combined with the updated resources, activities and lesson plans, schools across the country will be able to get involved with Remembrance and explore the theme of service. We look forward to working closely with the Legion to produce these events and activities and help children understand the relevance of Remembrance in the modern day.”

The RBL is committed to passing the torch of Remembrance to the next generation, ensuring that children have a comprehensive understanding of what Remembrance is and why it is relevant to their lives today. As time passes since the Second World War, when a generation experienced conflict first-hand, the RBL aims to teach children to appreciate how today’s Armed and civilian services continue to defend our democratic freedoms and way of life. Designed to engage children through poetry, music and art, these resources will help pupils discover how Remembrance traditions have evolved and how they might grow and change in the future.

The Royal British Legion’s free Teaching Remembrance resources can be downloaded on the RBL’s website:

To register interest in the Alive with Poppies Poetry Workshops or the Schools Festival of Remembrance, email   

The latest Teaching Remembrance Resources include:

  • Alive With Poppies Poetry Workshops, 3 – 6 October

Four virtual lessons, supported by digital resources, and delivered with poet Tomos Roberts. Children will use the original poem ‘Alive with Poppies’ as inspiration for their own Remembrance poetry.

  • Live Remembrance Assembly Friday 11 November 10.30-11.05am co-produced with the NLT

The interactive live streamed Remembrance Assembly will explore the meaning of Remembrance through poetry and music and bring KS2 school children across the country together for the Two Minute Silence.

  • School Assemblies (KS1-5)

The new versions of our extremely popular annual assemblies, which focus this year on how we can remember by exploring service – who serves, how they serve and why they serve. Case studies, photography and film provide examples of the different types of service that keep us safe.

  • Cadet Unit Meeting Assemblies (Navy, Army, RAF, Police, Fire & Ambulance)

Using the KS1-5 School Assembly format we create tailored resources for each of the Cadet sections, pitched to a KS3 age range. Using case studies and images from their own Cadet Sections, children explore Service and Remembrance.

  • KS2-3 Service Class Lessons – These are school-style class lessons which provide children with an understanding of Service and Remembrance.
  • KS2-3 Bitesize Activities – These are quick and engaging short activities helping children to understand different aspects of Remembrance and their links to Service in ‘bitesize’ sessions.


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