Trauma Awareness Training for Charities

PTSD Resolution offers half and one-day workshops nationwide to introduce charity HR and line managers to the issue of trauma: what it is, how to recognise it, and pathways to resolve it. The course is invaluable in enabling forces’ charities to help veterans, reservists and families who may be suffering from mental health issues caused by military trauma.

PTSD Resolution offers free therapy to forces’ veterans and families through a nationwide network, and has had over 2,500 referrals to date.

The TATE (Trauma Awareness Training for Employers) course enables attendees to:-

  • Recognise post-traumatic symptoms
  • Understand the effects of trauma on human behaviour
  • Engage with traumatised people to explore practical options
  • Identify a clear route to resolving difficulties caused by trauma

For more information, visit the PTSD Resolution website here:

New: COVID-19 internet working – training can now be delivered remotely, over the internet, to multiple staff that are self-isolated and working under quarantine conditions. The session is live and remains fully interactive, with opportunities for questions and answers.

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