Veteran’s Foundation Support for Former Bomb Disposal Heroes

Felix Fund is thrilled to announce that the Veteran’s Foundation has generously given £20,000 in support for its Dashboard programme.

This preventative stress training course based on mindfulness was launched in 2016 for serving personnel from across Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Search. With the programme going from strength to strength and a real difference being seen Felix Fund wanted to open it up to veterans.

This funding will enable us to put 40 former bomb disposal or search veterans through the course, giving them tools and techniques to recognise signs of stress and to be able to deal with them in the first instance.

Melanie Moughton, Chief Executive of Felix Fund, said:

“Felix Fund is here to support both serving personnel and veterans and we have always wanted to open up the Dashboard course to those no longer serving in the military. This support from Veteran’s Foundation has given us the help to do this. We aim to have 40 veterans attending the course over the next year which is a major step forward. We are very grateful to Veteran’s Foundation for this support.”


Felix Fund delivers welfare assistance and financial support to serving military, veterans and their dependents from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) & Search communities from across all three services as well as SO15 (Met Police Counter Terror Unit).

The charity’s welfare activities focus on mental health support. Having played a significant part in the care of over 100 EOD teams returning from the Afghanistan conflict, now the charity offers Dashboard Courses on mindfulness: building awareness of the warning signs linked to mental health problems and sharing coping techniques.




For enquiries, contact Melanie Moughton, CEO Felix Fund on 07713 752901 or email

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