Wanted: Army families to speak out on childcare

In its latest survey of army families, the Army Families Federation (AFF) wants to find out what challenges army families are facing with accessing childcare and what extra support they would like.

The families’ voice is key

The MOD is currently considering how service families can be better supported with their childcare – whether for under-fives, before and after-school care for primary aged children or holiday clubs for older children.

AFF is encouraging families to have their say about the unique childcare issues they face – do they have difficulty finding a nursery place due to frequent postings? How do they cope if they are posted far away from their family?

AFF Chief Executive Sara Baade said:

“Access to high-quality and affordable childcare can be an issue for many families, but army families can face unique challenges due to service life. Our survey will gather evidence on these issues so that AFF can highlight how army families can be better supported.”

Families’ views truly influential

Known for their work in pushing for positive changes that affect army families’ lives, AFF is committed to ensuring families’ feedback is heard by decision makers at all levels – and acted upon. And this latest survey will be no exception.

To find out more about AFF, visit www.aff.org.uk

Notes to Editor:

  • The Army Families Federation (AFF) is the independent voice of army families: regular or reserve, wherever they are based, whatever the make-up of their family.
  • Throughout the UK and overseas, AFF works hard to achieve policy change and progress in favour of army families; AFF offers advice and guidance on all aspects of army life, confidentially and in an easy-to-digest way.
  • AFF works with other agencies such as MOD, government, charities and other key players to strengthen its cause and fight for a fair deal for families everywhere.
  • Its family-focussed website (www.aff.org.uk) contains information about all aspects of army family life, and its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages offer families other easy ways to contact AFF, or simply follow the work it is doing.
  • AFF operates by four core values, which are pivotal to its work. These are:

– AFF always puts families first

– AFF can be trusted

– AFF is bold and determined

– AFF is inclusive

Media Contact:

For more information about AFF’s work, contact Alison Grover, Communications & Marketing Editor, at cmeditor@aff.org.uk

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