Wearing face coverings in the Victory Services Club


Message from Nigel Beet CBE, CEO/Club Secretary, for VSC Members:

As you are aware, in England the Government currently requires individuals to wear face coverings in shops, supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, indoor transport hubs and on public transport.  In England, from the 8th August 2020, the Government will require that face coverings must be worn in additional indoor settings and this will be enforceable in law.  This expanded list includes “public areas in hotels, hostels and social clubs” and this naturally encompasses the VSC.

I appreciate that many of our members cannot wear a face covering for entirely legitimate reasons, which is very often based on personal medical, or mental health grounds.  Accordingly, and to avoid any embarrassment or discomfort we will not bar members and their guests from entering the Club if they are not wearing a face covering.  We will, however, gently encourage everyone to follow the Government’s direction to wear a face covering which safely covers the nose and the mouth. The Club will display signage to that effect.  Please note that after a member or guest has finished eating, drinking or taking medication in the Club’s public areas, it is requested that they put their face covering on again.  If members or guests do not have their own face covering when they arrive, disposal face masks will be available at the Porters desk.

All of the Club’s staff will wear a face covering when on duty, unless they are working behind screens, or in an office on their own.  For the latter, the office occupant will put on face covering whenever they receive a visitor.  A face covering will be worn by staff who are walking in busy footfall areas.  Naturally, if our staff have a medical reason for not wearing a face covering they will not be compelled to wear one.  Where possible we will always endeavour that our staff who are regularly facing our members will wear clear screens, rather than masks.

The wearing of face coverings in conjunction with frequent use of hand sanitiser (which is readily available in the Club’s public areas), together with regular handwashing, will help to reduce the potential spread of the virus.  We remain fully committed to providing our members and guests with a Covid-19 compliant Clubhouse together with our enduring commitment to Value, Service and Courtesy.

Our Executive Members

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