Five Key Steps to Building a Military Network

Networks are an effective way to gain insights, connections and confidence in your future plans. Pete Liddle, OA Business Development Manager (North), recently ran a webinar on Building a Military Network, with Alex Nancolas and John Mayo. They run Two Roses, a business networking group in the North of England for former members of the Armed Forces. Here are our five steps to building a Military Network.

1. Purpose

A Military Network must have a clear purpose. It must be obvious why it is required and clear what it is not. Two Roses is a business network for serving and retired Service personnel in the North of England, to enhance business contacts, share opportunities and provide peer mentors who have already successfully transitioned. It was founded by Alex Nancolas and John Mayo, two former army officers.

2. Location

A Military Network should ideally be based somewhere convenient to stakeholders. Two Roses chose Leeds because it has good transport links and employment opportunities. In addition, many former members of the Armed Forces settle in the North of England.

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