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Charity Number: 1102593
Company Number: 5021052

Our mission is to supply Bibles and Christian resources to the uniformed services, seafarers and associated organisations.

Literature is provided on request and reimbursement is sought through donations and sponsorship to meet production costs and overheads.

Contact Information
Castaway House
311Twyford Avenue

Support Offered

Bibles and Christian resources

Charity Number: 1160182

Dedicated to supporting children in need whose parents work or have worked, for the Naval Service

Contact Information
Castaway House
311 Twyford Avenue

Support Offered

Financial support and advice directly to beneficiaries: children 0-25 with a parent serving/ex-serving in Royal Navy, Royal Marines, RFA and their Reserves. Support given as Emergency Essentials Grants, special educational needs support and any need, hardship or distress. Families can come either through self-referral , SSAFA, RNRM Welfare or other organisations.

Charity Number: 210829

The Nuffield Trust for the Forces of the Crown is a Registered Charity that finances recreational and welfare amenities and facilities that are likely to be of lasting benefit to the Armed Forces, but which are not provided by public funds.
Founded in 1939 by Lord Nuffield, it is a grant-making charity which does not fund raise but makes grants out of the income from the original endowment provided by Lord Nuffield.

Contact Information
Mill Lane
PO15 5R
01329 841695

Support Offered

Since 1939 the Trust has given grants worth some £222 million at today’s prices and it routinely allocates around £1 million to the Regular and Reserve Armed Services annually. This funds some 300 grants per year for a full range of sporting equipment; recreational facilities such as cinemas, clubs and bowling alleys; and audio-visual and computer equipment.
The Trust also gives grants for adaptive equipment for disabled personnel, to provide Christmas boxes for troops on operations, and for Forces entertainment shows. In addition, the Trust has given additional Capital Grants for large projects such as Outdoor Activity Centres, sports and social clubs, sports pitches, bowling alleys, yachts, gliders and aircraft. The Trust has also donated £5M towards the Black Stork Charity and the new DMRC facility at Stanford Hall and £1M to support the ADVANCE Research Study.

Charity Number: SC01066
Scottish Charity Number: SC010665

Provision of employment and career transition services for serving and former officers; relief of distress among former regular or reserve officers and their dependants. Applicants must be resident in Scotland at the time of their initial application or have been members of a Scottish Regiment.

Contact Information
New Haig House
Logie Green Road
0131 550 1575 / 1581

Support Offered

Direct financial assistance, one-off and annual grants, vocational training grants and business start-up loans.

Employment and career transition services to serving and former officers.

Scottish Charity Number: SC014096
Company Number: 194893

Poppyscotland provides life-changing support to the Armed Forces community.

Contact Information
New Haig House
Logie Green Road

Support Offered

Money raised from the Scottish Poppy Appeal and Poppyscotland’s year-round fundraising enables them to deliver support to members of the Armed Forces community in Scotland by providing tailored funding and assistance. The charity also funds services in advice, employment, housing, mental health, mobility and respite.

Charity Number: 211715

Makes grants to organisations which provide services for war disabled ex-Service personnel (and former members of the mercantile marine disabled in war) and their dependants.*

Contact Information
2 Sovereign Close

Support Offered

Makes grants to charitable organisations.

*Other dependants may include any partner of a beneficiary by marriage, civil partnership, or a surviving adult dependent cohabiting as a partner in a substantial and exclusive relationship, those who are divorced or separated partners, widowers and any eligible child, as defined in Articles 30, 31 and 32 of the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces (Compensation Scheme).

Any other dependant not defined above who, in the opinion of the trustees, is considered eligible for support from the Trust.

Charity Number: 1081009
Scottish Charity Number: SC038109

The RAF’s leading welfare charity, providing practical, financial and personal lifetime support to all members of the RAF family whether serving or veterans and their families.

Contact Information
67 Portland Place
020 7580 8343

Support Offered

Provides practical, financial and – in some cases – emotional support to all members of the RAF family, regardless of rank, from childhood through to old age.

Help with top-up care fees

Help with disability

Death and Disablement in Service

Housing assistance
Education costs
Financial Need

Property Repairs

Welfare breaks

Support for the serving RAF

“Airplay” Youth Support Project
Childcare centres
Benefits and Money Advice Service
free relationship counselling

Charity Number: 1152560

Sitting within the heart of the Royal Air Force, the RAF Central Fund, originally founded by serving RAF personnel are dedicated to providing support to enhance the sense of well-being, morale and community cohesion for those serving in the RAF today and into the future.

Contact Information
SO2 Service Funds, HQ Air command
Hurricane Block
Ground Floor,RAF High Wycombe
HP14 4UE
01494 569068

Support Offered

Direct financial assistance, primarily through grant making to assist with:

Community support and welfare projects
Supporting the RAF Sports Associations
Support for individual, section and unit sporting endeavours
Capital support for sport facilities
Personal development awards
Expeditionary welfare grants
Donations to linked Service charities to support the serving RAF community

Charity Number: 1168287

The object of the CIO is to promote the efficiency of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces in such charitable ways as the trustees think fit with particular reference to:
 Increasing physical fitness
 Fostering the esprit de corps; and
 Raising morale;
of members of the Royal Air Force.

In particular (but not by way of limitation) the trustees may further the object through encouraging and facilitating the playing of, and participation in, and the provision of or assisting in the provision of facilities for, sport in the Royal Air Force.

Contact Information
Kermode Hall
RAF Halton
HP22 5PG
01296 657045

Support Offered

 Provision of an umbrella organisation for the 49 individual RAF Sports Associations who are currently all independent charities in their own right.
 Allocation of grants to all RAF Sports Associations covering kit, equipment, development, overseas visits and operating costs.
 Provision of a full finance service to the RAF Sports Association charities from bill payment, booking keeping, compilation of accounts and arrangement of independent examination.
 Charitable governance advice and assistance to the hundreds of Serving members who contribute to the organisation of sport in the RAF.

Charity Number: 310952

The Royal Caledonian Education Trust is an education trust supporting the children of Scots who are serving, or who have served, in the Armed Forces. The Trust was established in 1815 and is very proud that Her Majesty The Queen is our Patron.

For some children, repeatedly moving home, schools and communities, can lead to under achievement in school, particularly if families are experiencing financial difficulties, health problems and other issues at home.

Contact Information
121 George Street
0131 240 2224

Support Offered

We provide support in several ways:

We provide educational grants to help pay for school clothing, school trips and after school activities like swimming and football, where qualifying families have difficulty in funding these themselves.
We support those who want to continue their education beyond school by assisting with their living expenses while in higher education or vocational training, especially where financial circumstances might otherwise prevent them from taking up a course.
We provide charitable funds and resources to selected schools and local authorities in Scotland to improve support for Armed Forces Children and their families particularly prior to, during and after the deployment of a close family member. We also actively promote best practice in dealing with such matters through our Education Programme in Scotland

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The Service Charity Sector and the coronavirus outbreak

For the latest information and guidance on the Service Charity Sector and the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, please click here