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Charity Number: 1146159
Company Number: 7862605

To aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations by providing opportunities through Motorsport.

We have two formal roles to Defence:

In the coordination and provision of motor sport as a recovery activity
As Relationship Managers to the automotive industry for vocational opportunities for the wounded, injured and sick

Contact Information
Vantage Point Business Centre
GL17 0DD
03330 338338

Support Offered

Our output is in three areas.

Experience – Firstly, in the provision of days out, privileged access to big events and in a first hand, front seat, white knuckle introduction to an exciting and engaging sport.
Competition – The preparation, development, coaching and teamwork involved in competition is a hugely cathartic experience. By engaging in sprints, hill climbs, track racing, and rallying we engender a real team ethos. It is about much more than just the driving – car and boat preparation, logistics, support and race management all present challenges to be overcome. This can greatly help in the rebuilding of an individual’s confidence and provides emotional as well as practical support, and we are chock full of examples of where that is exactly the case – where participation in motorsport is changing lives for the better.
Vocation – Mission Motorsport provides a range of training courses and educational opportunities to suit the needs of individuals. These range from one day basic car maintenance courses at our workshop near Tedworth House; to a Modular Motorsport Foundation course culminating in a residential placement working with a major race team

Charity Number: 1157257

We are a mental health charity that offers psychological and psychosocial supports the Armed Forces Community, families and carers through counselling and mental health intervention. We provide a single point of access to counselling and support through a range of psychological therapy services and mental health treatments that are tailored to individual’s unique needs.
We provide 1 to 1 counselling, family counselling, group counselling, and various mental health workshops including a “Resilience to Civilian Life” programme which helps veterans with their transition into the civilian world, and the “Lakeside Project” which provides counselling and mental health services at a beautiful location in the heart of a nature reserve for those who do not feel comfortable in a traditional, clinical counselling setting.

Contact Information
Phoenix House
Whitefield Road
0161 494 1515

Support Offered

Our services our delivered both in person, by telephone, and online.
We also operate a drop-in service 3 days per week and have a 24/7 helpline for immediate support and crisis intervention.
Mental health is a crucial element in our lives, interconnected with everything we do and everything we are, which is why our team at Mode Rehabilitation strive to make a positive difference in each person’s life and to provide services that improve mental well-being, quality of life, and generate resilient communities.
Links for testimonials and a video of our premises:
Mode Rehabilitation Premises:
Testimonial Video:
Monday – Friday 0800 – 17000 Saturdays 0800 – 1600

To gain publicity and official recognition of our service.
To be awarded a Medal for our National Service, a ‘Conscript’s Medal’ indicating the theatre of our service. Nb: Now agreed to be that of the ‘NDM’ the National Defence Medal to be awarded to all H M Armed forces personnel who served in Defence of the realm.
To have those genuinely suffering in any way through their service appropriately compensated by the Government. To campaign for adequate State Retirement Pension.
To lobby Central and Local Government to erect memorial/s, and or other tangible commemorative devices to our dead.
To seek the establishment of exhibits within museums and other organisations to depict National Service.
To foster reunions of the National Servicemen.

Contact Information
01634 252600

Support Offered

Comradeship and common interest

Company Number: IP00345C

Plane Saver Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, providing an range of flexible savings and affordable loans for Armed Forces personnel straight from their JPA pay.
The initiative, which is supported by the Ministry of Defence, also welcomes family members and veterans in receipt of a pension to join.
At Plane Saver we look at finance differently – supporting our members to make ethical and sound financial decisions.
Join today for free at:

Contact Information
Profile West
950 Great West Road
0208 607 5020

Support Offered

Savings and loans with repayments straight from your JPA pay.
A return on your savings in the form of an annual dividend.
Loans of up to £25,000
Free Life Cover on loans and savings
10,000 members

Charity Number: 1159890

1) To advance a culture of literacy in the home by encouraging families to read together for pleasure and talk about a book by providing advice and assistance and materials to support shared reading activities; and
2) To promote and protect good health and wellbeing by using reading as a means of mitigating stress and
increasing communication and good family relationships, particularly following separation due to training, deployment, postings and mobility

Contact Information
10 Homersham Road
Kingston Upon Thames
07890 476311

Support Offered

RF is a simple, fun, free family shared reading initiative for Service families, Reservists, Cadets, Veterans and injured service personnel – spouses and partners, pre-school children through to young adults, extended family and grandparents.
We provide free books and special scrapbooks and encourage Service families to form an informal book group with their family and friends; choose, read, talk about a book, and fill in the free scrapbook.

Charity Number: 1169595

Our mission statement is to provide comradeship and signposting for Military.

Veterans in the Rotherham and outlying areas.

Contact Information
c/o McKay VC Barracks
Fitzwilliam Road,Rotherham
S65 1SH
07876 221824

Support Offered

We Offer friendly help and advice to serving and ex-service military personnel on a wide range of issues such as healthcare, housing, employment, benefits and general comradeship for those feeling isolated.

Our team comprise of both serving and ex-service personnel together with volunteers and supporters.

Charity Number: 1108295
Company Number: 05321353

Located in London’s Mayfair, The RAF Club is a historic private members club which offers luxurious and peaceful surroundings to serving and former serving officers of the RAF and Allied Air Forces.

Having opened its doors in 1922, the Club’s interior has been enhanced to its present high standard and with striking artwork, a specially designed stained glass window and the very unique RAF badge corridor, a truly fascinating history comes alive about the story of the Royal Air Force.

The Club aims to preserve and foster the esprit de corps and traditions of the Royal Air Force through its member events, accommodation, dining and high standard of affordable hospitality within central London.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Club’s Patron and Lord Craig of Radley is the Club’s Vice-Patron.

Contact Information
128 Piccadilly
020 7399 1000

Support Offered

By establishing, maintaining and conducting in London, on premises belonging to the Company, a central residential and non-residential club for the use and accommodation of Members, and by making available to them such other services, recreational facilities and leisure time activities as may be desirable, at prices which, so far as is possible, can be afforded by all Members

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Afghanistan support

In light of recent events in Afghanistan, please find information and support resources here