New Gurkha Services team up and running

The new team managing the Gurkha Services project at SSAFA is now in place. The initiative is funded by money from the Libor banking fines. Their aim is to work with all SSAFA local branches and divisions, where there is a Gurkha community, to share best practice and useful information and provide relevant training – ultimately to improve the provisions in place for Gurkhas and their families.

More information: According to the Gurkha Welfare Trust, there are an estimated 12,794 retired Gurkha’s settled in the UK with their families. Our experience shows that Gurkha veterans have complex needs, including many who are elderly and infirm with low literacy levels.

Embedded within our volunteer casework service, this project will employ a dedicated project manager to coordinate support for Gurkha veterans more effectively. It will use innovative methods to reach the Gurkha community, train casework volunteers and share best practice.

Improved support will relieve unnecessary hardship, poverty and suffering, reduce isolation, increase well-being amongst Gurkha veterans and families in the UK.

The project will run for a three year period from 2017.

Our Executive Members

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