Mental Health First Aid is for everyone

You would probably know what to do if your colleague became physically ill. But would you know what to do if someone suffered from poor mental health?

Approximately 10 million work days are lost in the UK due to poor mental health, costing the UK economy around £100 billion each year. This problem is not restricted to the workplace as on average 3 children in every classroom have a mental health issue.

We at DMWS Training therefore believe that every workplace, including schools, should have a Mental Health First Aider as well as a physical First Aider.

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Herefordshire and Nottinghamshire Veteran Community to benefits from DMWS Welfare Service

After the successful implementation of our Aged Veteran Welfare Support Projects in Greater Manchester and Avon & Somerset last year, the Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) is delighted that this unique service is now also available to veterans in Herefordshire and Nottinghamshire.

DMWS has provided medical welfare support to the Armed Forces community for over 70. With the number of aged veterans continuously growing, there is an increased demand for our professional service to support this community when they are receiving medical treatment. In response, DMWS now leads the project that sees 10 organisations deliver health and wellbeing support and activities to veterans aged 65 and over, their families and carers in Herefordshire and Nottinghamshire.

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Hampshire teams up with DMWS Training to deliver Covenant funded courses

Hampshire County Council and its partners have secured funding from the Armed Forced Covenant Fund to encourage support to the Armed Forces community and strengthen local government’s delivery of the Covenant. The Council decided to use part of the fund for staff training delivered by the Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) to increase understanding and awareness of the Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund funds projects that support military communities. With around 20,000 serving personnel and 60,000 veterans currently living in Hampshire, the county has one of the largest military communities in England. Due to this significant high number of residents with a military background, Hampshire County Council identified the benefit for further funding to train staff on different aspects of service life.

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New Model of Care for local Armed Forces Community launched

The Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) is delighted to announce that the new Armed Forces Navigator Pilot Project has officially been launched on the 17 July 2017.

The pilot is being run in partnership with Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHCFT), the Tavistock Institute and DMWS, and has been funded by the Forces in Mind Trust with the aims to better understand and support the health and social care needs of the Armed Forces community. The project will identify gaps in availability and accessibility of required services and raise awareness with local commissioners, to ensure there is appropriate consideration and planning into the future.

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New plaque pays tribute to victims of 1940 Blitz at Salford Royal

Today (27 July 2017) a new war memorial at Salford Royal was unveiled to commemorate the night that the hospital suffered fatalities during the Manchester Blitz of Christmas 1940. The Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) and the Ex Forces Action Network (EFAN), had come together to replace the memorial with a new, larger one to be sited in the gardens at Ladywell Building. Despite the terrible weather the unveiling of the memorial plaque took place in a very positive atmosphere and was a wonderful ceremony celebrating commitment.

So far a small memorial plaque near the A&E Entrance commemorated six members of staff who died when a German parachute mine hit the then Hope Hospital on 23 December 1940.

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DMWS is re-awarded MoD Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award

The Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) is delighted to hear that we have been re-awarded the MoD Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award. The Scheme acknowledges employers who have provided exceptional support to the Armed Forces community and defence by going above and beyond their covenant pledges and we are proud to be supporting those who serve.

The Scheme was launched in 2014 and DMWS was awarded Silver for outstanding support to armed forces personnel, veterans and reservists in the same year. The awards are reviewed every 3 years and we are very happy that our Silver has been revalidated in 2017.

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DMWS helps to reduce veteran’s social isolation

In recent years the Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) has extended their person-centred medical welfare service to military veterans, a population which is growing and increasingly in need of our care. Our Welfare Officer, Karen Daniels, provides practical and emotional support to veterans aged 65+, who are receiving medical treatment at the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT) in Manchester.

A few weeks ago Karen met Mr Paddy Black, a 96 year old WW2 veteran at CMFT Manchester, where he attended as an outpatient 3x a week for blood transfusion.

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DMWS elected to Cobseo Executive

The Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) is delighted to have been elected to the Confederation of Service Charities (Cobseo) Executive alongside War Widows Association and the Poppy Factory. The results were announced during the Cobseo Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 11 July 2017.

Cobseo’s Chairman, General Sir John McColl, opened the Annual Meeting with a warm welcome. He reported on the past activities of the Confederation and gave an update on current issues concerning the members. He said: “The size and shape of the Armed Forces have undergone, and continue to undergo, radical alteration with further reviews round the corner.

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Veteran’s 75th Wedding Anniversary Surprise

The Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) organised for the wife of a 97 year old veteran to make a surprise visit to him in a Manchester hospital to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.

When DMWS Welfare Officer Karen Daniels met Mr Middleton for the first time in a Manchester Hospital in May 2017, he felt very low as he was missing his wife to whom he had been married for 75 years that month. The couple were hospitalised around the same time with health issues but had been living at home together independently prior to their admission.

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