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On 7 June 2002, HMS Nottingham ran aground on Wolf Rock, making headline news all over the world. Richard Farrington CBE, the Commanding Officer, was the man in charge of the ship and its 270+ Ships Company, and there has been much speculation about his whereabouts when the incident occurred.

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Project Semaphore Update

Project Semaphore, a Royal Naval Association (RNA) initiative, continues to go from strength to strength. Whilst providing iPads for RN and RM Veterans, this is not an IT Project but an initiative that brings people together and builds communities. Mindful that many Veterans have a fear of technology, they feel overwhelmed at the idea of learning new skills, worry about their personal security and need help and support to realise the benefits of the financial savings offered online.

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Project Semaphore – update

Project Semaphore, is an RNA initiative funded by the Aged Veterans Fund, to provide an iPad to address the issue of digital isolation in older Veterans which exacerbates loneliness and poverty. It is not an IT Project, it is a Project to provide friendship, support and practical help. With the outcome of better spiritual and mental health: a recent study equated loneliness in the elderly to the effect of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

The devices have been built to our specification and include shortcuts to the RN, RNA, RMA websites as well as several pre-loaded Apps, mindful that using an IT equipment for the first time can be overwhelming, the links to the RN are familiar and help to dilute initial fears.

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Naval Associations Biennial Parade – Cenotaph 10 September 17

The Royal Naval Association and many sister Naval Associations mustered in Whitehall for the Biennial Parade on Sunday 10 September. I am delighted to report that 500+ members paraded with a strong turn out from the Type 42 and Ganges Associations and the Irish Naval Association. From the International Maritime Confederation we welcomed a full minibus from our Belgian friends, with Cdr Maryse Bussel leading. We had 60 standards on parade which was very pleasing, with National Standards from: the RNA; Association of WRNS; the RMA; the Merchant Navy Association, Type 42; and INA; Ganges and Belgium. We were also joined by 80 Phase 2 sailors from HMS COLLINGWOOD and HMS SULTAN.

We were led by the massed band of the Royal Naval Volunteer band service with 80 parading from many bands including Drake, Culdrose, Yeovilton and the Portsmouth establishments.

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In light of recent events in Afghanistan, please find information and support resources here