Top Ten Tips for Developing an Internal Military Network


An internal military network is a great way to maximise the benefits that veterans can bring to your organisation.

If you are thinking about developing your own internal military network, here is what you need to consider.

  1. Have a network with clear purpose and vision aligned to your organisation’s brand/vision and ensure activity is linked back to this.
  2. Have an individual or group with the commitment/motivation to make the network succeed and share the work load.
  3. No need to reinvent the wheel – learn and leverage from other schemes/activities already being run in the business and what other business and sectors have already implemented.
  4. Communicate activity with colleagues, customers, stakeholders – to gain exposure and to retain support.
  5. Report back to senior management on benefits (and successes).
  6. Respond quickly to any interested parties.
  7. Learn from other organisations and be generous in sharing your own experience.
  8. Identify blockers – tackle what is achievable.
  9. Think carefully about how to manage a large, geographically dispersed network.
  10. Make it inclusive not exclusive – engage those without a military background and integrate with other areas of the business.

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