You asked, the principal charity of the Royal Navy delivered: Introducing Our New Neurodiversity (ND) Navigator, Bobbie Branson

The RNRMC has partnered with the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (AFCFT) to put in place one of the support needs requested by our beneficiaries, a Neurodiversity (ND) Navigator. We are very grateful to those who spoke to us and identified support needs for neurodiversity and delighted we can deliver. Bobbie, our newly appointed ND Navigator, will be a dedicated point of contact to guide you towards the right support when you need it the most.

What Does a Neurodiversity Navigator Do?

Our ND Navigator, Bobbie, will be by your side, providing an invaluable signposting service to the neurodiversity support available. While the primary focus is on families, Bobbie will also be available to support all service personnel and those transitioning from service who are neurodiverse. This role is a cornerstone of our commitment to neurodiversity support within the Royal Navy, which involves building a “community of experience”.

Our Mission:
The AFCFT and the RNRMC aim to create a more inclusive environment where our naval community feels supported and empowered. We hope that this, in turn, will reduce instances of isolation, enhance mental health and wellbeing, and promote the sharing of invaluable knowledge and resources within the naval community.

Mandy Lindley, Director of Relationships and Funding at the RNRMC, extends her warm welcome to Bobbie:

“We are thrilled to welcome Bobbie into the charity. Her unique perspective and talents will undoubtedly enrich our team and our mission. As we continue to grow and evolve, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact she will bring to RNRMC and the communities we serve. Together, we’re embarking on an exciting journey towards a more inclusive and impactful future.”

Anna Wright, CEO Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, commented:

“The Trust is delighted to be supporting this important project. Each of the projects supported under the Transformational Grants programme are highly specialised, focusing on the specific needs and experiences of certain groups within the Armed Forces community. The Strengthening Families: Neuro-diversity project is no exception and will transform the way RN/RM families are supported. Upholding the principals of the transformational nature of this grant funding, we hope to see enduring improvement and far-reaching impacts as RNRMC have committed to working collaboratively with others to share the learning of their work – especially where this can help to improve outcomes for neuro-diverse family members within the wider Service community.”

We look forward to this exciting chapter and the positive changes Bobbie will help bring.

To contact Bobbie for help or support, please visit Neurodiversity Navigator online and fill out the contact form.

To join our Advisory Group (for those with lived experience) or to talk to us about our Neurodiversity Project/Neurodiversity please email

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