16th January 2018: OA Webinar – The Importance of Personal Resilience for a Successful Transition

Transition from the military world to the civilian workplace can be an exciting and personally enriching experience.

This process is not always easy and having a high level of personal resilience is important in helping to sustain motivation and achieve goals. Recent research has confirmed that resilience is a skill which can be learned or developed.

In our webinar ex-officer Dennis Flynn will explain how we each have the capacity to choose our mindset and how this choice underpins how we respond to setbacks and stress. Dennis will explain the difference between fixed and growth mindsets, how to apply some simple tools to promote personal resilience, and describe research which identified the biggest single predictor of successful high performance.

In the second part of the webinar Dennis will outline some of the psychological science underpinning how people respond to setbacks and provide tips on how to avoid thinking traps.

Follow this link for further information and to book your spot.

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